Monday, July 18, 2011

This Week's Featured Reader Response by Teri Chong of Waimea, Hawaii

Thank you, Teri, for this gorgeous piece of writing in response to Inertia the novel. In gratitude...

"A must read that will attract, strengthen, and sustain your spirit in more ways than one. I continue to be amazed how our lives today are simply blueprints made eons ago that we live out, moment by moment. There are no coincidences, just purposeful, and some extremely profound, experiences that we must journey through. When we reach the critical point and feel this incredible certainty that we've been there, we've done that, we can then begin our very own journey of believing, living, loving, and healing. All is purposeful for our individual self, our individual growth, our individual journey of being who we are in mind, body, and most importantly, spirit. Thank you, Kim, for this beautiful work. It has touched me in so many ways, on so many planes, and has given me yet another opportunity to remind myself of who I really am. Sending you Peace, Love, & Light, always." --Teri Chong

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