Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Atom Tuning

I let it breathe. I breathe. I feel its tentacles extend beyond my reach, beyond my vision. It is good. Perfect, in fact. More than, and ever transcending, what I am as its author. It is a moment of stillness. I am as in a dinghy, far out at sea, in a pocket of quiet. Of calm. The sunlight envelopes me, enlivens my aquamarine milieu. Yes and please, I murmur, for it is here. Here. In gratitude the sacred syllable rises from deep in my belly, finds its perfect pitch along my throat and spills into the air around my head: Om. Its vibration tunes the atoms that surround me, until the wooden boat, the salty air, the sea beneath me...even my own flesh and bone...become it. I am absorbed into the collective. I am gone. Infinite and pure. Radiant and divine. Present and adorned with light. Namaste.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Read Inertia's Prologue & First Chapter in a single doc...

If you'd like to read the prologue & first chapter of Inertia in a single document online, visit my growing website (thank you, GW!):



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hawaii Public Radio Interview

Had a great radio interview with Chris Vandercook that aired this week on HPR Tuesday 4/19...click on the link below to listen now! The discussion of Inertia the novel begins at 17:22...


Thank you, Chris, for asking such fabulous questions!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Big day for Inertia...making its entry onto the scene in a BIG way! http://tinyurl.com/452wpxe

Order today and share with all your friends. In gratitude...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In it for real...

Last night was magical. Inertia moved through the audience like wind, like breath, like love. Thank you to everyone who attended the reading and book signing at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT. I am so honored to have had so many people there to share in the birth of this book into the world. Great questions, great energy, great company! Mahalo nui!

     Signing my first books! Yay!

                                             At the mic...

                                         ...with Debbi Wraga to whom I am eternally grateful. For her love of Inertia, for her incredible design work, for her advocacy, for  her generosity. Love. Ever.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last minute reflections...

The morning of the launch. Inertia enters the world today. It feels surreal. Super-real. Yes. Perfectly timed and perfectly intentioned. My dad is here from California. The event is tonight. The first of many. I lay out the clothes for my little guys to wear. I listen to the wind in trees. I message back and forth with friends who cannot attend but whose love is all around me. Such gratitude is inexpressible. But then, it has already been expressed....and bound and adorned with Noe's artwork. Oh. So beautiful the tapestry we slowly learn to see: ourselves as interwoven with every other brightly colored thread. Namaste. Hope to see you tonight! xo

Thursday, April 7, 2011


The sun warms my body and sends the snow into the earth. Its heat has a moving shadow that undulates in the square of light on my office floor. My own shadow there is ageless, featureless, but not without the crisp form I recognize as my own.

I move in silence these days, in quiet anticipation of what will come from this seed. Oh. It grows me. Promises that it will bloom the way my heart believes it will. I have always only been its steward. Like a child, it is mine while it is mine, for a time. For a time.

I nurture it, love it up, present it to the world. There is beauty here. Also perfect intent--it is this last that will grow in the hearts of uncountable others. Unfathomable love. Undeniable healing. Whisper of the divine as I conceived it. And what we love: a good story with characters to believe in. In gratitude. In gratitude.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T-minus eleven days and counting...

I relax into this knowing. It carries me like a wave, and my timing is such that rather than being pitched over the falls with its watery weight, I am sent skittering down its face in delight, my heart swelling with the new sensation I can only identify as fulfillment. Mother. Wife. Creator. Healer. Oh. What I have managed to create with my quiet intention, building, building--this wonderful thing from only grace. Who knew it could become a concrete thing? This life for my family, our Vermont home, the birthplace of Inertia and indeed all the words and works that will and must follow it. I find myself reeling but grounded, wheeling with the stars but 'no longer in orbit around the planet of self.' No need to tie 'fishing sinkers into my hair' or put 'stones in my pockets.' Only this: the perfection of gravity. I inhabit this body fully, embrace every aspect of being--in this life, in this love, in this exquisite place. In gratitude. Om.