Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Week's Featured Reader Response by Tyne Pike-Sprenger

Thank you, Tyne, for this beautiful response to Inertia...

"Inertia is a novel that touches an innate human desire to comprehend the elusive nature of life. For anyone that has ever risked fully giving themselves to someone, has experienced love or its unfathomable loss, Inertia pulls at fear and despair, offering in its place the hope of finding something tangible we can forever hold onto. Long after you finish the final page, the emotions and experiences linger as you contemplate the world that exists through the vivid imagery of Kim Cope Tait's writing. Once in awhile, Tait suggests, we are blessed by some remarkable soul whose life will drastically impact our own. Every once in awhile we are also lucky to fall into a story, like Inertia, that will forever change our understanding of this divine existence."  --Tyne Pike-Sprenger

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