Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Week's Featured Reader Response by Betsy Boland

I have so enjoyed and appreciated reading the responses that readers have had to Inertia, many of which have been posted on Inertia's Amazon web page. I decided I'd like to give them a little more exposure (and happily Inertia, too) by posting one each week here on my blog. This week's review comes from Betsy Boland in Waimea, Hawaii. Thank you so much for your beautiful words!
     "'Calling all angels/Calling all angels/ Walk me through this one/Don't leave me alone'... In their hopeful chorus, Jane Siberry and K.D. Lang solicit solace for humanity during life's most uncertain moments. To such a heartfelt, human plea, Kim Cope Tait's Inertia invokes a deeply sacred, propitious reply. Tait's divinely woven, resonant tale, is a wise, eloquent, healing response, delivered on the wings of her angelic but very earthy characters, to every reader who ever dared shout out to the heavens for company in the wake of loss.
     "There is great art to the manner in which Tait intently elicits the power of youthful passion and friendship while gently prying the band-aid from the wounds of mature grief in order to spread a spiritual balm capable of freeing hearts and souls. She writes in beautiful, vivid, nuanced prose, guiding us through an entrancing, ethereal weave of beginning and end, where we become instantly and steadfastly connected to Inertia's select cast of characters - seemingly molded from our own flesh, in the silhouette of our own spirit - and are enticed into their compelling story.
     "Tait's young school mates walk firmly in this world, and anchor us in the rich, weighty experience of being in a body and in each other's lives, with such utter love and intensity. In contrast, her grown up soul mates hover more tentatively in the world, and echo our inherent hesitation; we're so often not really sure how this life goes.
     "Seekers and skeptics alike will find themselves stealing a glance at everyone they encounter, or perhaps peeking within their own implausible souls, in the hope of recognizing someone akin to the unforgettable, down to Earth angels in Kim Cope Tait's Inertia. In the end, it is our own silent asking and quiet knowing in which Inertia beckons us to truly believe, in order to be fully present in our lives and to understand our blessings from those passed. Inertia will appeal to all six of your senses, linger in your life, and keep you searching eagerly on the bookshelves for more from Kim Cope Tait."

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