Friday, December 28, 2012

Guided Meditation for the Svadhisthana Chakra

Aloha Friends and Readers,

I have just posted the second in a series of meditations for chakra tuning. Writing and recording each meditation has been a truly inspiring experience, and to have them set to the enchanting music of composer and musician Peter Davison is more than I could have hoped for.

This one is on the second chakra, also known as the svadhisthana, chakra. The svadhisthana chakra is about creative freedom and flow, about giving and receiving in abundance. It is about knowing that like water, the element associated with the second chakra, you are free and fluid and worthy of every relationship, every feeling, every passion one can know. 

Thank you to Casey Apps of Vermont for providing this gorgeous photograph suffused with the orange light associated with the second chakra.

The project comes to full fruition at the end of next month with the release of a full-length CD called “Lotus Wheel: Meditations for Chakra Tuning.” In the meantime, enjoy these first couple of meditations online! Namaste.

In Gratitude,


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    Swadhisthana Chakra