Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holocene, a response

The wildness of wide open space: skies so vast that anything is possible. A boy with no where to be, no time to keep. He vaguely follows a bird and finds a million distractions along the way, Icelandic landscape as canvas to the artistic way he plays. This is what is needed in our lives--room and time to play.

How the world closes in on us as we grow and our obligations attach themselves like fishing sinkers tied to our appendages, knotted into our hair, until we are no longer buoyant, no longer weightless in our wonder but burdened, dragged to the depths of our seriousness, by a gravity that is incongruous with our nature, our intent.

The boy moves over grass, over stone, along water both still and moving, and his freedom is as lovely as the land that gives rise to it, sprawling, as the vocalist says, for miles, miles, miles. Being oneself less than magnificent is the gift of being a thread in the magnificent fabric of such a universe. Let us play in it. This beautifully, this magnificently.

Holocene, the official Bon Iver music video

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