Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012...Bring it.

"Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world." --German philosopher Arthur Shopenhauer.

Perhaps this is our charge for the new year: first, not to project and therefore impose our own limitations on others (our lovers, our children, the institutions of which we are a part) and second, to be ever pushing, striving to expand the field of our vision.

We must break down barriers, namely the misguided beliefs about things and people, that limit us. Though they be constructed in earnest, beliefs that are circumscribed by lack of experience or knowledge, indeed by ignorance, are infinitely limiting and must be dismantled. Only in doing so can we re-emerge with clarity and understanding of the 'other,' rather than fear and limitation, and begin to achieve the peace that is ultimately dependent upon such conditions.

But how do we begin this dismantling? I struggle with this daily, but this I know: we can start by identifying those beliefs that put up artificial boundaries, that create mental barriers against achieving our highest potential. Only by identifying those beliefs can we begin to chip away at them. Maybe we have to start again every morning, from the beginning. So we must. Eventually, we can succeed in this, and what we are left with is a vast, open plain, an expanded "field of vision" in which anything is possible and into which our wildest dreams may amble and spill.

With every individual manifesting his or her most pure, essential and transcendent self, how can we fail to achieve peace on this earth? First in our relationships and in our families, then in our communities, then in our countries and ultimately the world.

Yes, I have a good feeling about 2012. Let the transformation begin!


  1. Excellent! You are, of course, riding the wave where its perfect potential meets its peak. All power, energy, balance and bliss. Another one awaits when this one plays out!

  2. Yes, I feel that more and more. Wait till you see Bend the Blue Sky! ; )