Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love Song

Your face is the landscape that promises abundance, nourishment. Stone and moss, wind and sea, we--Oh. Even in your presence I long for more of you, feel jealous of the moments in which I cannot be conscious of your beauty. I wrap myself around you in my mind's eye, an amorous snake sliding her affection by degrees down your body. I nest in your heart where it glows our secret promise: forever. In this lifetime and the next.

Love is a wildness, it is a pause and an acceleration that surprises me even as I try to direct it. We have grown this thing--hydrangea heart, lilikoi love, delphinium dialogue of our affection. We grew children together--they become our enchantment, the exterior expression of our harmony, our philodendron faith.

I climb the rock face of your offering to me, know that I rise beyond all knowing. It is you, it is me, we are. This.

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