Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T-minus eleven days and counting...

I relax into this knowing. It carries me like a wave, and my timing is such that rather than being pitched over the falls with its watery weight, I am sent skittering down its face in delight, my heart swelling with the new sensation I can only identify as fulfillment. Mother. Wife. Creator. Healer. Oh. What I have managed to create with my quiet intention, building, building--this wonderful thing from only grace. Who knew it could become a concrete thing? This life for my family, our Vermont home, the birthplace of Inertia and indeed all the words and works that will and must follow it. I find myself reeling but grounded, wheeling with the stars but 'no longer in orbit around the planet of self.' No need to tie 'fishing sinkers into my hair' or put 'stones in my pockets.' Only this: the perfection of gravity. I inhabit this body fully, embrace every aspect of being--in this life, in this love, in this exquisite place. In gratitude. Om.

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