Friday, February 25, 2011

Some stray thoughts as Inertia comes to fruition...

I am wriggling my way in through the small opening of a balloon, only inside it is infinite. In the last few days I have become aware of the imminence of vast change but not yet witnessed its manifestation. I have made my way inside, the dust of my dreaming still coating my skin, and I can see everything now, though some of it is still animated by my imagination. I catch my breath again and fall into the lap of my own faith, so generous it has been in raveling out these many moons, these fragmentary hours. This kaleidoscopic beauty--It is mine, it is mine, I whisper to no one in particular and know, without speaking it, that it always was.


  1. Hey, nice musical soundtrack to your blog! I'm sure Yosh will appreciate that you linked to them. I'm in the thick of Inertia right now. Will let you know my thoughts when I finish.