Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Again

We must ever be searching, I think, for "our peeps"--throughout the world searching for people and places that feel like home...which perhaps exist at the same vibration, shimmer in the same way, that we do.

Being a foreigner, a stranger--this is important too, for a time. To know what it's like to be "the other." To learn empathy for those in the unique circumstance, at any given time, to be 'strange' or 'foreign.' We must ever be aware, too, that there is a place in the world where each and every 'stranger' is indeed not 'strange' at all, but home.

Over time, I think we learn to carry home with us. To become it. It makes all the sense in the world that I am a cancer, a crab, by birth and by sun sign, carrying my little sense of home on my back. Our new adventure awaits.

In the brief meantime we will love Hawaii, fill our days with her places and her people. Fill ourselves with her beauty and her fun. Thank you, Pele, for being the midwife of Inertia the novel, for showing yourself to us fully this year, for fostering new Hawaii friendships and nurturing old ones. For healing old wounds and embracing us in our time of uncertainty.

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