Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eat Cake

I say that I let go, and then I immediately attach myself again to the shape of things as I want them to be. Why does everything in my life seem like it has to be part of some arduous spiritual lesson?

I see many people going through life as if they are sleepwalking. It seems to work okay for them. I wonder furtively if heightened consciousness is not completely overrated. If it wouldn't be easier to be a spiritual pedestrian, wholly ascribing to the popular interpretations of ancient texts, where "God in us" is dismissed as wholly metaphoric, rather than recognized as the suggestion of God-consciousness I believe it to be.

What if I closed my eyes to the super-real? Ignored the energetic layers of our existence and, say, ate cake? Ha ha. This bizarro symbolism for complacency only reveals my twisted mind: eat cake. I love cake.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if we try to ascribe too much meaning to disparate events. I see my life as a narrative with purpose and an overarching plot arc, but a writer. With the soul of a novelist. Therefore, of course I would see things this way.

    Sometimes I want to breathe out and let the lessons pass me by rather than reaching out to grasp at each with my fingertips.

    Sometimes I just don't know.

    Love you, K.